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Two Hacks to Protect Your Cell Phone USB Cable

Whether you are traveling or just carrying your cell phone’s USB cable back and forth from work or the places you go during the course of a normal day, it can be very easy to cause damage to this cable. Crimps in the middle of the cable happen frequently, and connectors at the ends of […]

Thinking About Selling Your Video Games? Follow These Tips To Ensure Your Games Are In Good Condition

Selling your video games is a good way to earn extra money to buy more video games later on. If have video games that you may wish to sell at some point in the future, keeping your games in good condition is important. Discs that are in poor condition may not be appropriate for resale, […]

“Drive” Business For Your Computer Repair Company With Gratis USB Sticks

Do you own or manage a small computer repair company? In the effort to grab customers’ attention, you might be tempted to give away USB drives with your company’s logo on them–a common practice in the electronics industry. Why not one up the competition by putting together a small booklet to go with the drives, […]

Eight Great Gifts To Give Your Techie-Friends Who Love Electronic Gadgets

If you want to impress a techie friend, give them something that fosters and facilitates their love of electronic gadgetry. While you may not be sure whether they have a certain device or not, there are some accessory items that will please and appease any computer nerd or techie on your gift-giving list. Some great […]

Does Your Home Network Have Cords Everywhere? How To Get Them All Organized

If you have a home network, you likely have cords everywhere from things like computer equipment, printers, and other devices. Fortunately, there are many ways you can keep everything organized. Follow the tips below and your office will look nice and clean. Use Wire Wraps You can use wire wraps around all loose cords and […]

Kids And Arcades: 3 Reasons To Invest In A Custom Arcade Machine

When designing your dream home, you probably have given a lot of thought to creating an area where your family can gather to entertain themselves. While there are many different entertainment options available on the market today, investing in a custom arcade machine could be beneficial if you have young children. Here are three reasons […]

How to Improve Your Dishwasher’s Performance in 3 Ways

Without a properly functioning dishwasher, you would probably have to spend hours at the kitchen sink scrubbing dirty pots and pans. Unfortunately, a dishwasher can sometimes lose its effectiveness, resulting in dishes that are spotted or grimy. If you are frustrated every time you unload your dishwasher, you may want to consider giving it a […]

3 Microwave Components That Need To Be Specially Cared For

Once you get your first high quality microwave, the added convenience makes it hard to go back to just cooking most of your food on a stove or in the oven. But while microwaves can last quite a long time when you clean their interiors regularly, there are many little things you’ll need to do […]

Two Tips For Keeping A Television Safe From Routine Damages

Televisions can be major investments in your entertainment, and there is critical need to make sure that you are properly caring for these sophisticated devices. Unfortunately, there are some homeowners that make crucial errors with their televisions that may lead to shortening the lifespan of these devices. For those that have recently purchased a new […]

Going Hunting?: How To Spot Deer In The Dark

It is whitetail deer hunting season in the Midwest, and everyone is out with bows for the first part of it and out with guns during the second part of it. Either way, if you enjoy tracking and hunting deer for meat or sport, you want whatever advantages you can get, since it is not […]