Keeping Your Kids Safe Around The Television

A television is a standard piece of electronic equipment in most homes across the country. Children enjoy the chance to settle down and watch their favorite cartoon or movie just as much as adults look forward to their favorite television shows. While your television might look like an innocent way to entertain your family, the way you have your TV set up and situated on the stand can pose a safety risk to your small children. Taking the steps to remedy the risk will ensure that your children are safe while they are using the television.

The Best TV Stand

The best TV stand, in terms of safety for your children, is one that's low to the floor. This increases the stability of the piece of furniture because the lower to the floor it sits, the less likely it will be to tip over. You also need to choose a TV stand that is the appropriate size for the size of your television. If you have a TV that is too wide to completely fit on the top of the stand, it's more likely that your child will be able to pull the TV or the stand over.

Making Your TV Stand as Safe as Possible

Anchor your TV stand to the wall even if it's the safest, most appropriate option for reducing the risk of tip overs. Anchor kits, which usually consist of straps and screws, are available at many retail and baby supply stores. These kits work by screwing the straps, which wrap around the piece of furniture, into the wall studs. If a child does try to climb the furniture, it won't tip over because it's securely anchored to the wall. You should also consider using materials that secure the actual television to the wall or to the TV stand itself. For example, TV quake straps, which are often used in earthquake prone areas, essentially glue the television to the stand so it cannot be moved or cannot be tipped over.

Increase Safety Even More

Even with your TV stand securely anchored to your wall, you should still push your television as far back on the TV stand as possible. This places the majority of the weight of the appliance on the back of the stand, which reduces the risk that your child will be able to pull it over. Don't store remote controls on the TV stand or on top of the TV. This entices children to try to reach the remote controls, which increases the risk of an accident.

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