Does Your Home Network Have Cords Everywhere? How To Get Them All Organized

If you have a home network, you likely have cords everywhere from things like computer equipment, printers, and other devices. Fortunately, there are many ways you can keep everything organized. Follow the tips below and your office will look nice and clean.

Use Wire Wraps

You can use wire wraps around all loose cords and cables. Bunch the cords all together and twist the wire wrap around them. You can find these wire wraps in electronic and home improvement stores. If you have a large amount of cords to wrap up, you can purchase a Velcro cable tie to pull all the cords together. This works great on thickest cords. You can also remove Velcro very easily if you need to remove or add any cords.

Use Binder Clips

You can also use large binder clips to organize your cords. You can buy these clips at any office store, and they come in all sizes. Make sure you buy the largest ones they have.  Clip the binders to your desk where you want the cables to be, such as the back edge. Feed the cables through the metal hoops in the clips. You can use more than one binder clip if you have a lot of cables. This is very simple to do and it works great.

Use Labels

Once you have the cords organized, you need to label them so you can them easily. You can find write on flag ties that will stick to each cable. These ties have a writable surface that you can write on with a permanent marker. If you do not want to spend very much money, you can use tape. Write the name on the cord on a label, and then wrap the label around the tape.

You can also use bread ties to put on each cable. Write the name of the cable on the tie in permanent ink. This works great if you only have a few thin power cords, as bread ties can only hold one cable.

Keep Cords Off the Floor

When you finish, you likely still have cords laying on the floor, and this can look very messy. To take care of this problem, you can purchase a product that will hold the cords. This product is screwed into the underside of the desk to keep all the cords completely out of sight. You can find this product at electronic stores or online.

If any of your power cords look frayed while you are organizing them, make sure you replace them.