Eight Great Gifts To Give Your Techie-Friends Who Love Electronic Gadgets

If you want to impress a techie friend, give them something that fosters and facilitates their love of electronic gadgetry. While you may not be sure whether they have a certain device or not, there are some accessory items that will please and appease any computer nerd or techie on your gift-giving list.

Some great gift ideas for high-tech friends include:

  1. Cool, clear silicone cases for their iPhone. A clear silicone case for iPhone6 is always useful, and super chic, too! Silicone is resilient and the clear style is very sophisticated and futuristic.
  2. Designer-brand phone 'purse'. Handbag designers are getting in on the high-tech craze with lines of high-end purses and carryalls for electronic devices. Some feature compartments for cash, cards, or other items which make these high-end 'bags' very convenient to use.
  3. A headband to fit their ear buds. Ear buds can be a pain to keep on, especially if running or working out. A solution might be found in the cool, new headbands designed to keep ear buds in place during any rigorous activity.
  4. A sweatband for the fitness tracker. Don't want to wear your fitness tracker on your wrist? Give a friend a custom sweatband, sold to hang on to your fitness tracker while still measuring your distance and heart rate.
  5. A keyboard for the e-reader. Give your friend a great case for their e-reader that doubles as a mini-keyboard. These are convenient and typically fit all of the brand-name e-readers available on the market.
  6. A portable desk for a laptop. If you have a friend that drags around their laptop everywhere that they go, give them a funky, flexible desk that can be taken wherever they wish. These often feature adjustments so they can be used anywhere, comfortably.
  7. Electronic medication reminders. If you are looking to give a gift to a friend or family member, remind them to take their medication. There are actually some very stylish and discreet electronic reminders that will not only hold prescription medications, but that will alert the user when it is time to take them!
  8. A GPS for the suitcase. If your friend or recipient is a traveler, help ensure that their luggage never becomes lost with a GPS device for their suitcase. These are new electronic gadgets on the market, which allow the user to track their bag using their phone or computer and determine if their bag is truly lost or if it is sitting in the airport somewhere.

Don't sweat gift giving; give your friends something that supports and fosters their love of their iPhone, computer, or electronic fitness tracker. Talk with electronic retailers or visit sites to find the latest and greatest accessories that will please friends without breaking the bank.