"Drive" Business For Your Computer Repair Company With Gratis USB Sticks

Do you own or manage a small computer repair company? In the effort to grab customers' attention, you might be tempted to give away USB drives with your company's logo on them--a common practice in the electronics industry. Why not one up the competition by putting together a small booklet to go with the drives, showing customers 14 great ways to make use of their USB stick? Here are some uses and tips you can share with them.

1. Store Files Safely

Everyone by now knows that USB drives can store files for easy transport. Show your customers how to encrypt those files for extra safekeeping, and they'll know you have their interests at heart.

2. Try Out a New OS

Do you have customers who are interested in trying out Linux, Ubuntu, or new Windows upgrades? Show them how to use a USB drive to try out new operating systems without having to wipe out their old ones first.

3. Do Windows Maintenance

You probably know several programs today that can help clients manage their Windows systems. Instructions on how to use this software to change passwords and partition hard drives, for example, with just a USB stick could be very helpful to busy people.

4. Fill In for Missing Components

Many laptops today, like the popular MacBook Air, are being sold without optical drives. A USB drive can fill in where customers still want to use data that would traditionally be on a CD or DVD.

5. Take Worry Out of Homework

Safely send backup assignments to school with kids on a USB drive. There will be no more worry about lost papers or documents left on the computer back at home.

6. Secure a Computer

A USB drive can function like a key to lock and unlock a computer system, and it's better security than just a password. Without the USB drive, would-be prying eyes will only get an "Access Denied" message. Predator is a handy piece of software to combine with a flash drive to help clients feel more secure.

7. Safely Transition to a New Computer

Remind customers that when they move to a new computer, they need to take important files off their old machine, and a USB drive makes this easy. This way they can wipe out their hard drive without losing data, and if the machine winds up illegally in a foreign country, no one will be able to use their data for fraud.

8. Rescue Virus-damaged Machines

Software that can be run on USB sticks can also help scan for viruses and, in some cases, even get virus-damaged machines up and running again when they won't operate properly. This is great for that client that always calls in a panic on nights and holidays.

9. Free Up Memory on Small Devices

Tablets and smartphones make life easier, but they often come with fairly small memory or memory that is strangely partitioned and can't be fully utilized. Remind your customers that a USB drive can hold photos and documents that would otherwise take up valuable real estate.

10. Play Music

From portable music players to car sound systems, it seems everything has a USB drive these days. A flash drive is a great alternative to a smartphone for storing and playing music, especially when kids want to tote their tunes too.

11. Help Systems Run Faster

Do you have customers that are making do with older systems due to budget constraints? Show them how to free up their hard drives and boost their RAM with a USB drive and ReadyBoost.

12. Make Presentations

Take advantage of modern LCD TVs when it's time to make a presentation. Simply plug the flash drive into the USB port, and eliminate the need for projectors and pesky equipment.

13. Save Typing Wifi Passwords Multiple Times

Do you have clients with crazy long wifi passwords? Show them how to use Windows functions to save their wifi information on a USB drive, which they can then share with friends or trusted work colleagues to save having to type long strings of characters every time they visit.

14. Remove Properly

Finally, don't forget to teach your customers how to remove their USB drives properly. Your clients will love your taking the time to educate them, and they'll remember your business the next time they have a problem that a USB drive can't handle.

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