Thinking About Selling Your Video Games? Follow These Tips To Ensure Your Games Are In Good Condition

Selling your video games is a good way to earn extra money to buy more video games later on. If have video games that you may wish to sell at some point in the future, keeping your games in good condition is important. Discs that are in poor condition may not be appropriate for resale, while discs that are in good condition may be worth more money for avid collectors. The following tips will help you keep your discs in good condition and may help you restore discs that become dirty.

Use Proper Storage Techniques

Practicing proper storage techniques for your video games will help you keep your video games in good condition, so you won't have to worry about restoring your games later. When storing your video games, follow these tips:

  • Keep the original cases. For new video game cartridges, keep the plastic case that came with the game. If you're hoping to sell to serious video game collectors later on, keep all cable ties, inserts, stickers and everything else that came with the cartridge. If you purchase a new game on a disc, keep the plastic case and inserts.
  • Store video game cases in a sturdy plastic tub. There are many different types of plastic tubs on the market that are specifically designed to keep video game cartridges and discs protected. These tubs are often the best storage containers because they're specifically designed to hold the product being stored. Take care not to place video game storage tubs at the bottom of a heavy stack of containers.
  • Buy universal storage cases for case-less discs or cartridges. If you acquire a disc or cartridge that has no case, make a point of purchasing a universal case shortly after acquiring the game.

Clean and Repair Discs and Cartridges Before Selling

Hopefully you'll keep your video games in good condition by following the suggestions above. However, if you wish to sell your video game and find that it won't work because of dirt, you may be able to reverse the problem with a simple cleaning. When cleaning a disc, use a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Simply rub the disc with a microfiber cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol, then allow the disc to air dry.

When cleaning a cartridge, dampen a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol, then use the dampened cotton swab to clean out the inside of the cartridge. Allow the cartridge to air dry. Following these tips will help keep your video games in playable condition so you can get the most from your video game sales later on.