Two Hacks to Protect Your Cell Phone USB Cable

Whether you are traveling or just carrying your cell phone's USB cable back and forth from work or the places you go during the course of a normal day, it can be very easy to cause damage to this cable. Crimps in the middle of the cable happen frequently, and connectors at the ends of the cable can break frequently too. It is important to take the proper cautions to protect your cable. Don't take it anywhere that isn't necessary, for starters. You can also use the following two tips to keep your USB cable for your cell phone safe and intact.

Ink Pen Hack

Nearly everyone has dealt with this problem: the end connector on your cell phone USB cable bends and twists so much that the cord frays right at the connector. The plastic coating wears off, and the connector either falls off or is so loose that the cord is rendered useless. There is an easy hack for this that involves sacrificing a standard ink pen. Find an old pen that you don't love, or use one that has run out of ink. Take the pen apart and remove the metal coil that is around the plastic ink cartridge. Coil this around your cell phone USB cable and slip it to the end near the connector. Use one coil for each connector. This will protect your phone's USB cable during travel and during the course of normal usage.

Cosmetic Bag or Pencil Pouch

If you throw your phone's USB cable into your purse or gym bag when you go to work or other places, this can cause the cord to bend and become fragile in places. You don't have to leave your cell phone USB cord at home and just hope that your phone has enough charge to get through the day, though. Pick up a small cosmetic bag or pencil pouch at your local discount store. It doesn't need to be fancy. Then use this container to hold your cell phone's USB cord. Just roll your cord up and place it nicely inside. If you want to go the extra mile, you can cut tiny holes in the bag (this works better with a plastic or coated canvas bag), slip the connectors for your cord out of the bag when you need them, and roll them back inside when you are done charging your cell phone. You can also check online for other cute ideas in lieu of the cosmetic bag or pencil case.